Tai – Chi

A gentle martial art, where slow flowing movements and poses are combined with controlled breathing. The exercises have a strengthening and stretching effect on the body, improving flexibility, muscle strength and definition, energy, stamina and agility.

Focusing the mind on the slow accurate movements of Tai Chi has a calming effect, whilst the breathing aspect of Tai Chi encourages better oxygenation of the whole body, improving overall health and speeding recovery after surgery or injury.

A great class combining relaxation, stretch and strengthening, that is suitable for all.

Tai Chi classes are held at the clinic on Thursday 1.30pm – 2.30pm, with Bryan Sadler, to reserve a place please call: 01777 710720

Meditation and Mindfulness class

Mindfulness and meditation classes are designed to calm the mind, reduce stress and develop a positive approach to life. The class provides a perfect opportunity to discover your inner peace and happiness whilst learning techniques to help toward a peaceful mind.

The drop-in class runs every Monday(term time only) 7.30 – 9pm, £6 per session; to reserve a place please call: 01777 710720