COVID-19 Patient Information

The health of our staff and patients has always been our main priority and throughout this COVID-19 pandemic, we have worked tirelessly to ensure we have the appropriate measures in place to protect you all.

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you the precautionary measures we have implemented for anyone attending the clinic. Our policies are risk-assessed weekly to ensure we are meeting all of the government guidelines, alongside British Chiropractic Association regulations.

Patient Health Screening

You are advised to call and inform us if you or anyone in your household feels unwell prior to your appointment. As a precautionary measure your appointment will be cancelled and rearranged for a further 2 weeks time. We will offer telephone advice if you are in pain until we can treat you again. We have the right to refuse treatment to anyone we feel may breach our policy.

Staff Screening

If any staff member feels unwell or has symptoms of COVID-19, they will be asked to self-isolate immediately and not to come into the clinic.

Hand Hygiene

You will be asked to wash your hands when entering the building. The additions of hand santitisers are available throughout both of the clinic buildings.


All of our practitioner and therapists will wear risk-6assessed PPE throughout your treatment, this may include the wearing of gloves, masks, visor or an apron.


You do not need to wear a mask while visiting the clinic, however if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask please feel free to do so.


Each room will be thoroughly cleaned after each patient, this will include the treatment bench, any equipment used, seating and door handles. The reception area will be sanitised every 30 minutes; this will include seating area, door handles, card machines, reception desk and the toilet area.

Attending an appointment

For your safety and to maintain social distancing you are asked to attend the clinic alone (where possible). The clinic waiting area capacity is set at 3 patients excluding staff. This may mean we ask you to wait outside until a space becomes available. We ask for you to arrive to your appointment on time, not early or late to avoid increases in footfall.

Beauty/Massage Appointments

All beauty/massage appointments will be carried out in our Wellness Centre building adjacent to the main building to help reduce footfall within the clinic. Patients are asked to still check in at the main reception prior to their appointment.

Contactless Payment

Contactless payment is preferred, where possible. Cash will continue to be accepted.


Safety screens have been installed on the reception desk for both the protection of yourself and the receptionist. Please adhere to the distancing measures marked clearly on the floor when booking your next appointment.

Vulnerable Patients

Patients who are classed as vulnerable i.e. over 70 year old, pregnant or with a pre-existing medical condition will be provided with 30 minute appointments at quieter times of the day.

Special measures

We realise attending an appointment at this present time could cause some concern to patients for varying reasons. If you have any concerns or would like some reassurance, please speak to our Practice Manager, Hannah Livermore, who will be able to discuss our measures with you or look at ways of accommodating your appointment by offering increased measures to help you feel comfortable.