Tennis Elbow is a relatively common overuse type condition that causes pain on the outside of the elbow and forearm. In only 5% of sufferers is it actually caused by playing tennis, in most other cases by other types of overuse such as making a twisting movement of the arm (such as using a screwdriver or keys), or using the keyboard/mouse.

How can Chiropractic help Tennis Elbow?

To understand how chiropractic can help Tennis Elbow, we must first ask ourselves why some people do suffer from Tennis Elbow, whilst others with the same job and the same type of use don’t suffer from the same complaint. This of course has something to do with your age, your overall health, souplesse and lifestyle.

For example, if you are dehydrated, or never stretch, you would be more likely to suffer from the condition. Other contributing factors can be how well the mechanics of your elbow itself, and that of for example the wrist, the shoulder and spine are functioning. For instance if any of the three bones that make up the elbow joint are restricted in their movement, either at the elbow itself, or at the shoulder or wrist, they will cause extra strain on the elbow itself.

Experience learns that this can affect the souplesse of the muscles and fascia, which can in turn lead to the irritation that causes the symptoms associated with Tennis Elbow. The same can be said for the effect the spine has on the ribs, the shoulder and ultimately the elbow and wrist.

Getting to the cause of the problem

Chiropractors therefore never only look at the symptoms the patient presents with, but aim to find the root cause of the problem. They will tailor make a treatment plan specific to your condition, which of course depends on the findings of the examination. They will also advise you on possible lifestyle changes, such as the use of an ergonomic mouse, better posture, or specific stretching or strengthening exercises to alleviate the problem and reduce the chances of recurrence.

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