Sciatica is a common condition, causing pain and/or numbness, tingling, and/or weakness in the low back, buttock, hip, thigh and/or leg. The pain can be debilitating in nature for some sufferers, whereas others hardly suffer at all, or only with certain types of activities. 

Nerve irritation

Sciatica is caused by an irritation to the nerves or nerve roots that originate from the lower back, and actually means irritation to the sciatic nerve. This can be due to wear and tear of the spine, a worn or a ‘slipped’ disc, an out of place vertebra, or tightness of the muscles in the buttock.  

Customised treatment plan

Each cause of sciatica requires a different approach, and our chiropractors are university trained to diagnose and treat problems related to the spine, such as sciatica, and can advice you on the best course of action.

To find out whether chiropractic can help your particular condition, please consult one of our chiropractor today!


If you suffer progressive weakness of the lower limbs, loss of bowel or bladder control, or numbness around your anus or of your thighs, you must seek immediate emergency medical attention.