Andrew Gillespie is a graduate from the Oxford College of Chiropractic (McTimoney College). He is a full member of the General Chiropractic council, McTimoney Chiropractic Association and a proud member of the Royal Society of Medicine. In addition to clinical practice, Andrew is undertaking a Master Degree in Musculoskeletal Science and Surgical Intervention with University College London (UCL).

His scope of practice is wide and varied; in addition to physical therapeutic techniques Andrew is a keen diagnostician. He has trained to use diagnostic ultrasound scanning for musculoskeletal conditions through the Sports Medicine Ultrasound group based in London, where he has been tutored by some of the UK’s foremost experts in this field. Furthermore, his work with UCL and the Royal Society of Medicine has opened links with many consultants and specialists within orthopaedics and maxillofacial surgery. He still retains his Chiropractic roots however, and is keen to push his clinical practice to the best standards possible.

Although Andrew enjoys treating any musculoskeletal condition, his true passion lies with head, neck and jaw complaints. Specifically relating to jaw conditions, in 2016 he was selected to present his research dissertation at the international medical and Chiropractic research conference in Florida. He has given talks and lectures in this field of healthcare at various clinics based in London, and regularly attends meetings and maxillofacial surgery conferences through the Royal Society of Medicine.

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